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              The Early Years


The Early Years, A Road Less Traveled

A memoir. This is a story of life’s struggle to not only make ends meet but to eventually succeed beyond what most others would have thought possible due to a family’s early misfortunes.  Link to Details


How to apply for post office jobs and pass the 473 postal exam. Explore all job options and use the study guide to rank higher. This book will also help you prepare for the job interview.  Link to Free Online Version


A  practical, action-oriented career management workbook for federal employees. Use this guide to develop an individual development plan (IDP) that will help you get promoted. Link to Free Online Version



Book of U.S. Government Jobs

Find out what federal civil service jobs are available, where they are, and how to apply for them. Use this guide and its companion web site to explore your options and find jobs.  Link to Free Online Version



Health Care Job Explosion

Explore high growth health care occupations with this comprehensive career guide and job finder. An indispensible resource for anyone considering a career in health care. - OUT OF PRINT -



How to Raise a Family & a Career Under One Roof

Raising a family while working from home is no longer a dream - it's a real life option. Lisa Roberts addresses all the crucial questions entrepreneurial parents should consider. . OUT-OF-PRINT -