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Bookhaven Press LLC, founded in 1985, is an independent publishing house dedicated to producing award winning business, career, finance, and environmental compliance books. "The Book of U.S. Government Jobs" (now in its 11th edition) and "Post Office Jobs" were awarded "Best Career Title" by the Benjamin Franklin Awards Committee. Bookhaven's titles have been reviewed and recommended by Library Journal, Booklist, the New York Times and Washington Post, Career Opportunities News and many other national magazines, newspapers and journals.

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Bookhaven's Internet properties offer companies considerable exposure to federal sector markets. We focus on federal jobs, careers, employee benefits, and retirement planning guidance. If your company is exploring or expanding their footprint in these markets call us at 412-494-6926 to discuss your interests. Ask for Dennis or Vic. Of the 88 key phrases we track 84 are on page one of Google search results with 4 on page 2. Click on the buttons below to view key word Google searches for our top two sites:     

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